Learn how to create online databases and build applications with

  Getting started

Start with a quick tutorial showing how to create your first database from scratch. Learn about the primary datatypes, and more advanced topics like; relations between collections, images and documents. Kick-start your project by converting existing spreadsheets to a database.

  Coding against the API

Learn the basic REST operations needed to interact with your database. Explore the powerful query language and the various data manipulation techiques. has code generators for popular languages; cURL, Javascript, Python, PHP, Java, C#, Objective-C and Swift.


Your database has some really useful tools. A complete media library for storing any image or binary file.
A built in web form generator for plugging into existing web pages. And a comprehensive random data generator to help your prototyping experience.

  Security and Admin

Secure access to your database with authentication through JWT or API-keys. Limit user data access with role based access control. Create or update your database with data import directly from spreadsheets or other file formats. Connect to an existing MongoDB database. Secure your dynamic web site with automatically generated SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt.