Get started with your own database.

Quick start

Hi, and welcome to this quick start guide of the cloud database. To get started you first need to sign up for a new account.

This quick start guide will show you how to:

  1. Create a new database
  2. Create Collections (same as tables)
  3. Add Fields to a Collection
  4. Add data with the random data generator
  5. Basic navigation

#1 Create a new database

Click on the Database menu and click on the Create new button. Select a name for your database and press "Go!". Note that you also can create a new database as a copy of another. You will need a valid Snapp key to do this (more about this feature here)


Your database now has a unique URL as it's main access point.

For example:

When the new database is created it will appear in the database overview list. This list shows you the databases you have created. It will also show the databases that you have access to by invitation from someone else.


Clicking on the database link navigates to the overview Dashboard for this database.

The database is now empty, lets go ahead and create a new Collection.

#2 Create a new Collection

A database application is defined by its Collections and the connections between them. A Collection is similar to a database-table or a spreadsheet. We use it to represent classes of information, e.g. Customer, Contact, Product and so on. To add a new Collection, activate "developer mode" in the top right corner, then click on the "Add Collection +" button.

Note that "Users" is a reserved collection name (docs).


We need to enter a name and a description for our new Collection. Let's make a Collection to store Contact information. You can also pick an icon for the Collection. This helps navigating in your app later on.


On our dashboard we now see the new Contact Collection. We also see that there are 0 items in our Collection and some items in the Media Archive (docs).


Navigate to the new Contact Collection by clicking on its icon.

#3 Add Fields to a Collection

In order to add Fields to a Collection we must activate Developer mode, then click on the icon in the top right corner.

The panel for Development is now shown in orange color (the color for developer stuff).


We are going to add 4 Fields to the Contact Collection; first-name, last-name, email and photo.

Click on the Add Field+ button, and enter name and data type for all the Fields.


Notice the various data types that we can select for a Field. For the last field we are going the pick the Image datatype.


Our Collection now has the necessary fields with correct data types.


#4 Add data

Your database is now ready to be populated with data, create new records, edit them, view lists, search and filter and so on. listview

Selecting a row shows the details for one record.


Random data generator (optional step)

The data that you shown in the above screen shots was created with the The Random Data Generator. This makes it easy to populate your database with useful testdata.

Select the Test data tab and select one generator per Field.


Click on the Generate button. Our database now has 100 records with random Contact information that we can test.

Turn off Development mode by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

For more detailed information about using, we recommend reading the other sections of the documentation or browse through our blog articles.