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Database REST API

One of the core features of the database cloud service is the Restful API which automatically reflects your database schema. All databases have a unique URL as a REST endpoint. Client applications communicate through the URL with JSON objects.

Collection REST API

A database collection (same as a SQL table) contains your JSON documents. All JSON documents gets a unique _id.

Http VerbResourceFunctionality
GEThttps://<dburl><collection>Get list of JSON documents from database collection
GEThttps://<dburl><collection>/IDGet one document from a collection. ID must be a valid ObjectID
GEThttps://<dburl><collection>/ID/<subcollection>Get list of documents from subcollection (subcollection is field name of type child)
GEThttps://<dburl><collection>/ID/<subcollection>/IDGet document from subcollection (subcollection is field name of type child) and ID is a valid ObjectID
POSThttps://<dburl><collection>Create a new document in a collection. Request body is a valid JSON document.
POSThttps://<dburl><collection>/ID/<subcollection>Create a child document in a sub collection.
POST arrayhttps://<dburl><collection>Post array data. Request body is an array of JSON documents. Optional parameter validate=false, for bulk inserts without validation. Will also work for child documents
PUThttps://<dburl><collection>/IDUpdate a document in a collection. Request body is a valid JSON document.
PATCHhttps://<dburl><collection>/IDUpdate one or more properties on a document in a collection. Request body is a valid JSON object.
DELETEhttps://<dburl><collection>/IDDelete a document in a collection
DELETE arrayhttps://<dburl><collection>/*Delete an array of documents in a collection. Request body must be an array of ID's
DELETE queryhttps://<dburl><collection>/*?q={...}Delete a list of documents in a collection. List is based on query in parameter ?q={...}. Only allowed with a full access api-key or from a Codehook.

HTTPS is required. The database REST API only responds to encrypted traffic so that your data remains safe. All API traffic must have a valid apikey or authorization JWT token as a parameter or as a request header field.

Read more about how to query database here.

Code examples for popular programming languages here.

Media Content API

Http VerbResourceFunctionality
GEThttps://<dburl> binary data for media object with ID. ID is a valid ObjectID for an object in the media archive or an existing filename. Parameter s options; ?s=t (thumbnail), ?s=w (web) and ?s=o (original size). No API-key required. Use parameter ?download=true if you want the image or file to be downloaded instead of displayed.
GEThttps://<dburl> JSON structure with media object metadata. Requires API-key.
POSThttps://<dburl> file(s) using the multipart/formdata protocol, view example. Requires API-key.
PUThttps://<dburl> yet implemented
DELETEhttps://<dburl> media content with ID. Requires API-key

Read more about media archive here

Meta Data API

Http VerbResourceFunctionality
GEThttps://<dburl> meta data for the database as a JSON object
GEThttps://<dburl><collection>/_metaGet meta data for the collection as a JSON object

Mail API

Http VerbResourceFunctionality
POSThttps://<dburl> email. Request body contains one document:
{"to": "...", "subject": "...", "html": "...", "company": "...", "sendername": "..."}
, or an array of documents […]

Quick example

For our test database, the REST endpoint URL is:

GET - read all items from a collection with rest api

    curl -i -H "Accept: application/json"\
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"\
     -H "x-apikey: 560bd47058e7ab1b2648f4e7"\
     -X GET ""

Run in Postman

Example database output from GET Restful request above:

            "_id": "5602647c7f98025500000041",
            "description": "Saepe adipisci illo restful dignissimos. Dicta generate occaecati ex ducimus.",
            "name": "Quaerat consectetur",
            "photos": [
            "serialno": "16177"
            "_id": "5602647c7f9802550000003c",
            "description": "Harum voluptas vitae restful consequatur with rest api.",
            "name": "Ratione iste recusandae",
            "photos": [
            "serialno": "23588"

GET - read one database item from a collection requires an unique objectID (the _id field)

    curl -i -H "Accept: application/json"\
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"\
     -H "x-apikey: 560bd47058e7ab1b2648f4e7"\
     -X GET ''

Run in Postman