The Plug and Play Database
for the Web and beyond is a simple and secure REST-enabled NoSQL database cloud service with a kickass web-based Data Manager

They are probably the easiest solution to get a database going
Marc SeitzMarc Seitz - Co-founder @HackEvents
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Thousands of web developers have discovered the power and simplicity of Developer friendly features and the easy collaboration and data management backend sets it apart from other solutions. The cloud service is built with ultra-fast Node.js and MongoDB technology.

Focus on the real project, not the data plumbing

With the NoSQL cloud database, you no longer have to spend a lot of time setting up or programming a data infrastructure with database, REST APIs, admin UIs and admin users. You can now spend your time on building the things that matters most.

You get started quickly, either by uploading an Excel file or by setting up your database model in the intuitive developer mode. Start simple and then gradually discover the powerful things you can now do with your data, like aggregation, webhooks, cross-origin Ajax and realtime REST.