The Plug and Play Database
for the Web and beyond

A simple and secure NoSQL database cloud service with a kickass web-based Data Manager

Simple to use is probably the easiest solution to get a database going. Model your information quickly. The data admin client, schema and REST API are instantly available.

Built for the web

Designed for the modern web with high performance REST API and NoSQL MongoDB query language, user authentication (Auth0), Media Archive, Realtime messages and secure Ajax/CORS.


Collaborate and work with data in a workspace on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. Quickly search through all your data. Secure access with roles.

More than a database databases are also web servers. Use master templates and Pages with server side data binding. Host secure Web sites with domain.




How are customers using

Web Apps

Build apps in your favourite framework. Set up Backend / API / Auth0 authentication in


Create an API in minutes. Collect, share and work with data. Create shareable and custom API keys.


Get rid of Excel as database. Kickstart by importing existing sheets, invite users. Control access.


Mash up an API. Generate random test data. Code HTML pages with dynamic content. Invite clients.

Web Sites and CMS

Create landing pages or build and deploy complete dynamic web sites. Add your own domains.

Analytics and Live Data

Collect, transform and present data with JS and HTML. Use to update graphs in real time.