Simple online NoSQL database backend

For awesome projects with deadlines

Simple to use is probably the easiest online NoSQL database backend for web and serverless applications. Model your information quickly. The data management application, schema and REST API are instantly available.

Developer friendly free plan

The online database tool is designed for the modern web with high performance REST API and NoSQL MongoDB query language, server-side codehooks, user authentication (Auth0), Media Archive, Realtime messages and secure Ajax/CORS. The development plan is completely free.

User friendly

In the backend, users collaborate and work with data in multiple ways. A centralized search let's users quickly search through the entire database quickly (if given access). It's also a breeze to navigate the database relationships.

More than a database NoSQL databases can also serve web pages. Use HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, ReactJS (or your favorite framework) on Pages with server-side data-binding. Add your own secure domains for the web pages and the REST API.

A cloud based power-tool with NoSQL, REST and user friendly UIs