Database Setup

Getting started with a database is a breeze with However, nailing the best information model and data schema can require a few iterations and some experience. This often involves creating multiple collections and relations. Business logic and advanced data validation will often come as additional requirements to get a complete backend in place.

Data Migration

In many cases, you'll have existing data that needs to be transferred to your new database. Our consultants can help you move your SQL database, data files or "Excel Hell" to your database.

Consulting and Extended Support

Although our plans have various levels of support included, sometimes you'll need more help for an extended period of time. One of our consultants with in-depth experience can join your team to help you get results faster.

Development and Integration

Need a skilled developer on your team? Or a whole team? We can (through partners and internal developers) take full project responsibility for the development of web applications, mobile Apps, authentication and systems integration.

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